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From TLC Book Tours:

"Joan Frank's descriptions are visual and inviting, wooing with hearty conversation between compelling characters and delivering complexities in their interactions ... [I particularly enjoyed] the quiet but powerful representation of the evolution of individuals, within and aside from relationships ... Compulsively readable..."


"Gorgeously written, a paean to female friendships, and the story of a life. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and in fact refused to rush through it to meet a review deadline because I wanted to savor it. It's worth reading and rereading. Highly recommended." 

                                                                         — TLC Book Tours


"With technicolor period details, intense reflections, and devastating acuity about women's compromises in love, The Outlook for Earthlings is an elegant elegy." - Karen Rigby, FOREWORD REVIEWS







"A precise and exquisite writer. This book is a tour de force."
‒ Carol Sklenicka, author of Raymond Carver: A Writer's Life and Alice Adams: Portrait of a Writer

"So deep, so exquisitely written and authentic—a balm to the heart." 
‒ Sarah Stone, author of Hungry Ghost Theater


"In four lustrous, moving, and life-affirming novellas, Frank presents characters who ponder the mystery of existence from a vantage closer to the end than the beginning. They ask, "Given life, what do we do?" The heartaching, worth-the-pain-of-living beauty of the world is a holy undertone. What it's about remains perpetually just out of reach. No one has the answer, but Frank's wisdom has lessons for us all." — Mary Ellen Prindiville, BOOKLIST


"[T]aken as a whole, Where You're All Going becomes an expansive book that reads similarly to Joan Silber's Ideas of Heaven. In each of the novellas, Frank shows the intimate ways people are connected while exploring the distance that exists between them." —Wendy J. Fox, BuzzFeed



"For all its attentiveness to beauty and loss, this wise and humorous collection is also a moving record of anticipation and expectation. Each place, taken on its own terms, yields up its own flavors and character, but everyone is bound by one eloquent fact: 'time is the vastest real estate we know.' Philosophical, sophisticated literary forays that are a pleasure to dwell in." — KIRKUS REVIEWS


"This collection of 16 scintillating essays on travels map[s] psychological interiors as much as [it does] geographic landscapes...Frank's rich, imagery-driven prose lends immediacy to her observations. This is a perfect book for readers to take on their travels, even if they're only going as far as the armchair." — PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY


"Frank's years of experience give her book a mature, sophisticated tone, even when it's recalling the wonder of her days as a starry-eyed, fearless young traveler who, in her bones, felt immortal. Her essays are spiced with wry humor that skewers travelers' illusions with examples of how "a traveler's suffering starts after shutting the front door." Mocking even the best-laid plans, Frank writes, "We travel expecting something. What we get is something else." — FOREWORD REVIEWS


"Published by a small press, this wonderful novel about two mismatched middle-aged friends challenging each other to grow deserves big attention." — PEOPLE MAGAZINE

"Deeply perceptive...Quite wonderful." — THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE