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Joan Frank Editing and Tutorial Services

How It Works

Hello! Here's a quick introduction to my line editing and writing tutorial services. By line editing I mean tidying, sharpening, smoothing, plumping, and overall intense "nourishment" of your pages, either as direct rewriting, or as a series of letters giving close feedback and suggestions. By tutorial I mean intense, fine-tuned assistance and instruction, helping you make better work.

How it works: You send your work by e-mail. In rewriting, I comb it line for line, cleaning, sculpting, polishing. Or, if you prefer, I'll issue a series of letters giving comments and specific suggestions for improvement, including exercises and readings that may help your writing.

The result: sentences that are tighter and stronger, layered with more vivid detail, richer atmosphere, dialogue, thinking, and action that will vigorously welcome a reader into the scenes and feelings you've created, taking care to preserve your voice.

Here's what clients have said about that result:

"It's as if you saw into me!" — J. M., memoir

"You are such a gift...Thanks for sending; I needed feedback, and I like this very much!... I'm very pleased. I think [the material you worked on] is greatly improved...I'm very grateful." — M. J., novel chapters

"I liked what you did. I appreciated your adding details. Certainly makes it flow better. Your work seems to be livening up [my manuscript]. I really enjoy working with you." — J. O., memoir

"It was certainly my lucky day when I found you. Your editing is right-on, and very helpful. You have been providing just the sort of feedback I have been looking for. I especially appreciate your thoroughness. Also, thanks for the marketing tips. Thank you so much." — D. B., first-person essays

"I feel that I have a personal writing teacher and that is invaluable to me, beyond measure. You've added so much vivid language and life that it makes the story move wonderfully---in such an engaging manner, without taking away the heart of what I want to relay. Through your edits, I see what a good story must read like ... Thank you for those magical lessons. So happy to have found you!" - C.V., memoir

"Thank you so much for editing my pages, and for your tips. I am really impressed, [and] getting more confident! Since working with you, I feel my writing skills have improved. Your detailed explanations and corrections help me on my journey as a writer. Thank you very much!" - H. T., Young Adult novel

"Your turnaround time is mind-boggling! I am very happy with this finished product! You are a magnificent editor, not to mention writer ... In a short time, you've had a huge impact ... very comforting in the face of revealing so much vulnerability. I continue to be in your debt. I may have to keep writing just to maintain the contact with you that has come to mean so much." - A.N., essay

I spend an average of 7 to 10 minutes on a page. When you contact me, I'll offer a sample of your own material in edited form, without charge. I'd love to hear from you.

Have questions? Simply e-mail me at:


Thank you!