A story of love and sex and friendship, of art and travel—and of those small changes, within our reach, that may help us save ourselves—somewhere toward the end.

"This wholly original novel asks and answers the most urgent of all questions: how are we to live? In precise, pointillist prose, Joan Frank humbly delivers an unforgettable and unconventional love story with characters who both define and defy the rules of aging. Beneath the surface of these deceptively quiet pages lies a barely containable exuberance, a life-force I found moving and inspiring."
—Christopher Castellani

"A deep dive into the heart of friendship, of memory and regret, of aging and loss... redemptive and wholly satisfying surprises...Joan Frank has gifted us with two unforgettable characters in a novel filled to bursting with hard truths and shimmering beauty."

—Bob Wake, Cambridge Book Review

A knowledgeable and trustworthy guide: funny, personal, and practical. Beautifully, gracefully told, in marvelous detail and with great, sensible counsel. The anecdotes are delightful; marvelously readable. Frank’s personal journey is wonderfully told, so that what in these essays is particular becomes useful and universal." — Jay Neugeboren

"An honest and wise and brave account. I recommend to you this rare thing, a book packed full of useful information that is also a work of art.” — John McNally

"First-class fiction." — Kirkus Reviews

"A beautifully written love story." — Elizabeth Benedict

"The mix of personalities is perfect." — Publisher's Weekly

"Brilliant, moving, and original." — Jeffrey Levine

"A genuine wonder of a book—filled with the stuff of life—nothing less than astonishing." — Matthew Iribarne

In Envy Country: Stories
Winner of the Richard Sullivan Prize and ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award; finalist for the California Book Award:

"Meticulously observed, with sentences that will make you stop and go back for another look.” — Ehud Havazelet

"A wonderful, intimate feel, as though the narrator is whispering in our ear at the start of each one, ‘You won’t believe what I heard.’ - Elizabeth Strout

"Subtlety, intelligence, and sly wit.” — Brian Morton

"Unusual wit, sophistication and psychological insight; reading these pages is a pleasure.” - Margot Livesey

"The uneasy balance of power between male and female binds this sharp collection... Frank works every aspect of these stories with relentless energy, and readers will be sure to pay attention."
- Publishers Weekly

"[B]itingly ironic, provocative scenes of contemporary life, so complete that they will satisfy readers who typically grab 400-page novels...The art of these stories is in their telling...Frank hits precisely the right note. Funny...perceptive...wise."
- The Boston Globe:

The Great Far Away
Northern California Book Award in Fiction Nominee. "An exquisitely beautiful--and honest and sad--elegy for a generation ... may well become the accepted memorial to a peculiarly American experiment, yet rises to mirror all our lives."
- Rosa Shand

"Engaging and generous ... lyrical and passionate."
- Chuck Wachtel

"A compact, bittersweet tale capturing the essence of carefree youth and lost innocence."
- Publishers Weekly

"Compassionate and tough wisdom ... brilliantly portrays what disintegrates and what endures."
- Kevin McIlvoy

Miss Kansas City: A Novel
"Marvelously satisfying.”
Laura Kasischke

“Heartbreaking and redeeming.”
Eileen Pollack

Boys Keep Being Born: Stories
“Wonderfully constructed, Joan Frank’s stories are deeply moving and written with great grace and wit.”
"–Stephen Dobyns

“Witty, light, philosophical and meditative by turns. Frank investigates a serious set of problems, and keeps pressing on them until they open up to the universal.”
"–Trudy Lewis

"“Thoroughly delightful and satisfying.”
"Margot Livesey

Selected Works

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"Joan Frank has gifted us with two unforgettable characters in a novel filled to bursting with hard truths and shimmering beauty."
—Bob Wake, Cambridge Book Review

Joan Frank is a human insight machine."
—Carolyn Cooke

"I will be quoting her ‘rules for aging’ at many dinner parties!"
—Natalie Serber
"Wisdom deeply honed; beautifully crafted."
— Noelle Oxenhandler

"Writer-blues, writer-opera, writer-jazz."
— David Huddle
"Nothing less than astonishing."
– Matthew Iribarne

"A stylistic tour de force."
Cambridge Book Review
"Perceptive, funny, and wise."
The Boston Globe
"Astute, shrewd and, yes, frank. Surprising and rewarding."
San Francisco Chronicle
"Recalls Carson McCullers."
Trudy Lewis
"Exquisitely beautiful."
Rosa Shand
“What a pleasure to be in the witty, sophisticated world of Joan Frank’s fiction.”
"–Margot Livesey